Editor: Wen Jie

General information: CNN; Reuters

CNN reported that the US Secretary of Health Issa who visited Taiwan has resigned. He is resigning from his post. Last week’s congressional attack may damage the government’s reputation and said it was an attack on the American democratic system.

Reuters reported that when Isa resigned on the 12th of this month, he mentioned the achievements of changing the government, including the rapid development of new Covid-19 vaccines and treatments, which he said saved millions or even millions. American life.

But Issa worries that the protesters’ attack on the Capitol and the re-division of the name of a large-scale election in the absence of evidence may damage the government’s historical heritage.

In his official resignation, Issa wrote: Attacking the Capitol is tantamount to attacking our democratic system and the tradition of peaceful transfer of power. Issa will remain in office until the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Biden on the 20th.

On August 9 last year, US Secretary of Health Isha led a delegation to visit Taiwan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Issa’s historic visit will further strengthen cooperation between Taiwan and the United States in epidemic prevention and medical treatment.