According to the epidemic data released by the Indian Ministry of Health on the 28th, as of that day, India had a total of 30,279,331 confirmed cases of new crowns and a total of 396,730 deaths.

In response to the attack of the “Delta-plus” strain, the Ministry of Health of India recently wrote to many local governments, requesting effective prevention and control of the new crown variant strain, and immediately taking measures to prohibit the gathering of people.

The “Delta+” strain is a variant of the Delta strain (the B.1.617.2 mutant new coronavirus found in India). According to Indian media reports, on the 25th, the Indian Ministry of Health sent a letter to the governments of eight states and regions including Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Karnataka where the “Delta+” strain has been found, requesting immediate measures. It is forbidden to gather people to prevent the rapid spread of the strain.