According to a report on the 7th by the British “Daily Mail”, after posting on social media that cow urine and cow dung are not a good cure for new coronary pneumonia, two Indian men have been imprisoned for 45 days. There is still no information about when the two men have been detained. News of release.

The two men, named Erendro Leichombam and Kishorechandra Wangkhem, posted a post to refute the Bharatiya Janata Party’s claim that cow dung can resist the new crown virus, the political party led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In Manipur, after members of the local People’s Party reported to the police, the two were quickly dragged out of their homes by the police and arrested.

The report pointed out that both of them have a history of questioning Indian political leaders on social media and have previously publicly expressed opposition to members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. Although the two have been detained for 45 days, according to the National Security Act passed by India in 1980, the Indian government can arrest and detain the suspect for up to 12 months without making any formal charges or submitting to trial. .

According to reports, the two posted on social media Facebook criticizing the BJP’s health advice, which was sent to the police by members of the BJP. The whistleblower believes that the two persons “planned and deliberately insulted and angered the religious feelings and emotions of the BJP staff and the families of the deceased.”

According to the report, these controversial health recommendations were put forward by Indian Bharatiya Janata Party Member Pragya Thakur during the severe epidemic in India in May. She claimed that cow urine can treat lung infections caused by the new crown virus and said that she herself drinks it every day. Cow urine. But at that time, a doctor urged the Indians not to smear cow feces on their bodies, because this may help the spread of the virus.

The lawyer representing the two men said that he would challenge the detention on the grounds of freedom of speech.