Mainland China’s 4,000-ton research ship “Dayang (Ocean)” was discovered by the Coast Guard sailing southeast of Hualien Port on the 15th. The Coast Guard pointed out that after the discovery, it immediately dispatched the Taoyuan ship to monitor and avoid sailing into Taiwan’s restricted waters. Monitoring is still ongoing. In confrontation.

China’s Taiwan Coast Guard issued a message today (17th) stating that after discovering the Chinese research vessel “Dayang (Ocean)” sailing southeast of Hualien Port on the 15th (without entering restricted waters), it immediately dispatched the online frigate Taoyuan to preset response place to prevent it from entering Taiwan’s restricted waters.

The Coast Guard stated that since the discovery of the “Dayang (Ocean)”, in addition to using radar and sea situation systems to closely monitor the situation, it has also maintained close contact with the Ministry of National Defense and other friendly units, maneuvered to adjust the deployment position of the frigate, and continued to broadcast evacuation to prevent it from crossing the border. , in the event of an emergency, we will respond appropriately in accordance with relevant standard operating procedures.

China’s Taiwan Military Facebook page “Taiwan ADIZ” pointed out to reporters that the Dayang entered the eastern waters of Taiwan on the 15th and drove back and forth from north to south in the northeastern waters close to the 24-mile contiguous area. The Taoyuan ship of the Coast Guard immediately went to monitor it after learning about it. It is still In confrontation.