China’s Guangdong Province High-Quality Development Conference was held in Shenzhen. Provincial Party Committee Secretary Huang Kunming said at the conference that as a major economic and manufacturing province, Guangdong has abundant scientific and technological innovation resources and strong scientific and technological innovation strength. In terms of high-quality development , shouldering important missions and responsibilities. He pointed out that high-quality development is the fundamental way for Guangdong to achieve modernization, and that innovation should be focused on enterprises, industries and development. However, he emphasized that Guangdong must be at the forefront, which is highly demanding and difficult.

Huang Kunming used Manchester in the UK and Silicon Valley in the United States as examples and pointed out that throughout the history of the industrial revolution, every technological revolution and industrial change was a breakthrough from a certain point. He said that in this round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, Guangdong must shoulder its responsibilities and keep a close eye on disruptive and cutting-edge technologies.

Huang Kunming said that this year a number of new major scientific research projects will be launched to promote technological transformation of 9,000 industrial enterprises. New application scenarios will also be launched to allow more new technologies and new products to be first applied in the Guangdong market, and will actively develop science and technology. Financial technology promotes deep integration of the innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, and talent chain.