Compiler: MeiHui
Source: NanYangView

The United States organization Hong Kong Democracy Committee revealed that a group of Hong Kong democratic protesters arrived in the United States this week to seek asylum. Hong Kong media said that there were 5 protesters arriving in the United States this time.

Zhu Mumin,  HKDC issued a press release on the official website, stating that, this week, HKDC welcomed a group of young Hong Kong protesters who arrived in the United States after an arduous and dangerous journey to seek freedom.

The press release stated that these protesters were all under the age of 30, participated in the ongoing democratic protest activities in Hong Kong, faced arrests and charges related to the protest activities, and fled Hong Kong by boat in July last year.

The press release stated that HKDC will assist them in seeking asylum and starting a new life in the United States.

It is generally believed that these people should be supporters of the Hong Kong anti-transmission movement the year before. According to Hong Kong media reports, the number totaled 5 people.

HKDC also asks the current and upcoming governments of the United States to continue to sanction those responsible for mass arrests and repression in Hong Kong and take bold actions to welcome all protesters and their immediate family members who have fled political persecution.

HKDC claims to be a non-partisan non-profit organization in Washington, dedicated to safeguarding the fundamental freedoms, rule of law and autonomy in Hong Kong.

Zhu Mumin is the son of Zhu Yaoming, the pastor who initiated the Hong Kong occupation of Central; Zhu Mumin was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States after the June 4th Incident in 1989.