Compilation: Luna W

Source: NanYangView

Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm Group China Biotech (15th), said in CCTV’s “News 1+1” that the new Covid-19 vaccine has been used urgently since July last year and more than 4 million people have been vaccinated. Vaccination of key populations was carried out on December 15, and more than 10 million people have been vaccinated to date.

From the observation data of clinical emergency use, the safety of inactivated vaccines is very good. Common adverse reactions include local pain during injection, mild fever throughout the body, and fatigue, but they are generally within the expected controllable range.

Yang Xiaoming said that from the extent, severity, incidence and death of the epidemic, the impact is very large. The vaccine has passed the first, second, and third clinical and emergency vaccination, which proves that the inactivated vaccine is very safe and effective. Safe vaccines should be vaccinated actively and widely.

Both the Wuhan Institute of Biology and Beijing Institute of Biology under the Sinopharm Group’s Wuhan Institute of Biology and Beijing Institute of Biology have entered Phase III clinical trials. The vaccine from Beijing Institute of Biology has been approved for conditional listing in the Mainland.

Another inactivated vaccine of China Science and Technology is also undergoing Phase III clinical trials overseas and has been approved for vaccination in many countries.