《TodayAsiaNews》 Lebanon’s “Plaza” TV website published an article on August 6th entitled “Japan’s Nuclear Contaminated Water Discharge Plan Is a Crime Against Humanity” written by Rabbi Sankar Bosu. The article is excerpted as follows:

Japan’s controversial plans to dump nuclear-contaminated water have sparked anxiety and protests both domestically and internationally over the past two years.

Opposition to Japan’s discharge plan comes not only from people in the Asia-Pacific region, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and surrounding countries, but also from all over the world, because Fukushima’s sewage has high levels of radioactive substances, which will be harmful to the surrounding area and even the Pacific Ocean after mixing with major water flows. People along the coast pose a major health risk, not to mention the negative environmental impact on the planet. Japan’s act of dumping nuclear-contaminated water into the sea is undoubtedly a shameful act, which can be called a crime against humanity.

In July, the Japan Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission issued the Fukushima Nuclear Contaminated Water Discharge Certificate to TEPCO. Japan is currently stepping up preparations to start discharging nuclear-contaminated water in August. But it sparked outcry from the international community, environmental groups, numerous nuclear scientists and neighboring countries including China and South Korea.

Fishermen and local residents in Japan have expressed concern about the controversial plan as it will seriously affect their livelihoods and way of life. Many nuclear scientists object to the IAEA’s assessment of the discharge of Fukushima-contaminated water into the ocean.

Multiple studies have shown that there are more than 60 types of radionuclides, including tritium, in the Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water. Japan also admitted that about 70% of nuclear-contaminated water treated with multi-nuclides treatment technology does not meet international discharge standards. The sad truth is that the Japanese government doesn’t care how much other countries pay for Japan’s pollution program.

Japan’s nuclear-contaminated water treatment plan is a cross-border issue. The Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water released by Japan will not only stay in Japan and its surrounding areas. According to the study, the radioactive material will spread to most of the Pacific Ocean and to waters around the globe within 10 years.

No doubt, there has been outcry from neighboring countries over Japan’s plans to dump nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean. China says Japan’s plan is self-serving, irresponsible and unpopular. According to South Korean media reports, 70% of residents in Seoul expressed opposition to the discharge of “toxic” nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean.

Global opposition to Japan’s irresponsible behavior has grown stronger as Japan moves ahead with plans to treat nuclear-contaminated water. The Pacific Ocean is the common home of mankind, not a nuclear test site for certain countries, nor a bargaining chip in geopolitical games. The Japanese government should heed the reasonable calls of all parties and immediately stop the plan to discharge nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean. Let’s hope that today’s silent Western countries will not become accomplices in Japan’s selfish and reckless pollution plan. All countries have the responsibility to leave a beautiful world free from nuclear pollution to future generations.