Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny died in exile in hell today (16th) at the age of 47. Russia has not announced the cause of his death, but the Russian opposition and Western politicians immediately accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of murdering his important political opponent. Moscow refuted that it was preconceived.

The Russian prison department announced the news that day, and later added that Navalny fell ill while walking in prison and subsequently died. Navalny was unwell and comatose in 2020. His assistants accused the authorities of poisoning. After diplomatic negotiations, Russia approved his transfer to Germany for treatment. In Berlin, he was found to have the Novichok neurotoxin commonly used by Russia in his body. He became The West accuses Russia of trying to poison political opponents.

After he recovered and returned to China, Russia arrested him and imprisoned him for violating the terms of his probation, and added other charges and prison terms. He was secretly transferred to the country’s most remote penal colony near the Arctic Circle last year, and on Wednesday (14th) he was sent to a single isolation cell in the penal colony.