Beginning in June last year, many airlines including China Eastern Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines have successively launched “Flying as You Like” ticket package services.

Once the products were launched, sales were extremely hot, which once caused online congestion. Recently, with the increase in people’s travel, many consumers have found that “fly as you wish” tickets are particularly difficult to change. The customer service of Capital Airlines stated that their unlimited flight redemption products only have 20 places on a flight.

Once the redemption is full, other consumers cannot continue to redeem it. The opacity of the number of redemption tickets is common in many airlines. Consumers thought they could fly as they pleased when they bought them, but when they exchanged tickets, they found that they had no tickets.

During the use process, individual consumers also found that once the flight they booked was cancelled or delayed, even if it was not their responsibility at all, it would be counted as a breach of contract by the consumer, and even be directly disqualified from “flying as they wish”.