On April 3, local time, the “Horizontal Thinking” organization convened a protest in the southwestern city of Stuttgart. More than 10,000 demonstrators rushed to the streets. Although the local government invested hundreds of police forces to maintain order on the scene, constantly shouted for demonstrators to comply with epidemic prevention regulations, and dispatched helicopters to record the scene, most of the participants did not wear masks, There is no distance between each other.

The recent rebound of the epidemic in Germany is obvious, but every weekend, anti-epidemic measures are still held in various parts of Germany. Among them, the most active protest against the German government’s anti-epidemic policy is undoubtedly the “horizontal thinking” organization. The group continues to stage demonstrations across Germany. Supporters include new crown virus skeptics and people who oppose the lockdown measures. They claim that the new Covid-19 epidemic and related laws and regulations infringe civil liberties.