A Hong Kong-registered cargo ship Jintian (JIN TIAN) sank after issuing a distress signal off Nagasaki, Kyushu on the 24th. Japan and South Korea both dispatched search and rescue operations. The Chinese Consulate General in Fukuoka informed the Japanese side that 13 people had been found Among the crew, 1 was confirmed dead and 7 had cardiac arrest.

The Chinese Consulate General in Fukuoka pointed out that Kong Xuanyou, the Chinese ambassador to Japan, entrusted the Consul General in Fukuoka, Lu Guijun, to talk on the phone with the head of the Seventh Division of the Japan Coast Guard and the head of the Nagasaki Coast Guard. Lu Guijun said that China is highly concerned about this matter. In this shipwreck, Ambassador Kong Xuanyou is very concerned about the safety of the crew, and hopes that the Japanese side will continue to do its best and use all means to search and rescue the crew and rescue the rescued crew.

The Japanese side stated that all 22 crew members fell into the water after the ship sank. As of noon on the 25th, 13 crew members have been rescued, of which 5 are conscious, 8 are in cardiopulmonary arrest, and 9 are still missing. They are doing their best to search and rescue.

The Chinese Consulate General in Fukuoka also pointed out that it is understood that the two crew members rescued by the Japanese side in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest have been transported to relevant hospitals in Nagasaki Prefecture. One of them has been confirmed dead and is Burmese. rescue.

Consul General Lu Guijun once again asked the Japanese side to make every effort to search and rescue, and said that according to the instructions of Ambassador Kong Xuanyou, a working team would be dispatched to Nagasaki to carry out work nearby, and he hoped that the Japanese side would provide assistance.

The incident happened at around 11:15 p.m. local time on the 24th. The “Kintian” carrying 6,651 tons of timber was killed while sailing to the sea 110 kilometers west of the Men and Women Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. The crew called for help by satellite phone, saying that the ship was listing and entering the water. The last call indicated that the crew decided to abandon the ship and escape.

Japan and South Korea successively sent ships to rescue, and the cargo ship’s Emergency Positioning Radio Indicator (EPIRB) was operating normally. According to the Jeju Regional Marine Police Agency of South Korea, when rescuers arrived at the scene, the cargo ship had completely sunk.

The picture shows that on January 25, South Korea’s SBS initially reported that 3 people were successfully rescued, and it was later updated that 5 people were rescued. The ship issued a signal sheet before sinking.

According to the authorities, among the 22 crew members, 14 are Chinese nationals and the remaining 8 are Burmese nationalities.

According to the marine traffic tracking website Marinetraffic.com, “Golden Field” was completed in 2010. It left Malaysia’s Port Klang (Port Klang) on December 3 last year and was originally scheduled to arrive at South Korea’s Incheon Port on the afternoon of the 25th.