Four years later, Messi is about to “panic” again. But compared to four years ago when Russia was upset and tied with Iceland in the first game of the World Cup in Russia, this time Argentina panicked more thoroughly.

The two World Cups, Messi and Argentina both started with tragedies.

Losing to an Asian team for the first time in the World Cup, ending 36 unbeaten games, losing two goals in the first World Cup for the first time in 48 years, and creating the biggest upset in the history of the World Cup… At this moment, thousands of Argentine fans want to become Liu Guoliang who scolded Zhang Jike in the past : “Wake up, don’t be confused, this is the World Cup, it has begun!”

Wake up, this is the World Cup.

However, G.O.A.T is the most affectionate and righteous to Messi.

I’m Messi, thanks to G.O.A.T for helping me grab the headlines~ used practical actions to decompress Messi and Argentina.

After the Argentina team lost, he and Manchester United quickly announced their decision to break up and terminate the contract, which successfully grabbed the headlines and helped Messi decompress.

Eight planets line up

“Our probability of winning is about the same as that of the eight planets in a straight line.” Talking about the upset after the game, Saudi coach Renard described it very romantically. But to be scientific, the probability of Argentina losing is still higher. According to statistics from the data website Gracenote, this time when Argentina and Saudi Arabia meet, the probability of the latter winning is 8.7%, which has created the biggest upset in the history of the World Cup. Prior to this, there was England’s 0-1 loss to the United States in 1950 (9.5% winning probability), and Spain’s 0-1 loss to Switzerland in 2010 (10.3% winning probability).

Messi couldn’t believe it all.

Today, in the matchup between the Pampas Eagles and the Desert Green Eagles, football has once again proved its unpredictability. People also suddenly discovered that the Saudi team has two similarities with investment: 1. It is very green; 2. It can make people “go to the rooftops”. It has to be said that in terms of psychological preparation for tough battles, the Saudi team’s victory is convincing enough. The aggressive pressing that started in the first minute of the game, the resolute offside tactics after losing the ball, the aggressiveness in the second half when they were behind, and even the tenacious defense in the final stage… On the other hand, the Argentine team seemed to be caught by the early penalties and a few The second time, he was confused by the goal that was blown off because of offside, and fell into the trap of “you can win with just kicking”. It turns out that the opponent is really not such a casual person.

This Argentine fan who resembles Maradona has a broken heart.

The 10 offsides in a single game set a record in the history of the World Cup, more than the team’s offsides in the entire tournament in 2018 (6 times)… It seems that the Argentine team was caught off guard by the new high-tech anti-offside system. But if you think about it carefully, this is not a fig leaf. After all, technology only makes the game fairer. Argentina coach Scaloni also said: “We should not analyze the offside anymore, this is a sad day.”

Is this the offside VAR referee?

After winning all four World Cups against Asian teams in team history, the Argentine team overturned for the fifth time. At the same time, this is the first time they have lost the first World Cup match in 32 years, and the first time they have lost to non-European teams in 32 years. team. At this moment, I don’t know if there will be a certain Argentine celebrity who will angrily say that “Argentine football has no face”, and the spoof picture of Messi “panicked” four years ago is still not out of date four years later.

Messi wanted to wake up his teammates loudly.

With their own practical actions, the Argentine team completed the last piece of the puzzle of the “Cup Champion Curse” of this World Cup. The Asian Cup champion Qatar lost to Ecuador, the African Cup champion Senegal lost to the Netherlands, and now the Copa America champion Argentina has also suffered a bad start. As for the European Cup champion… the European Cup champion Italy lost to Austria in the warm-up match the day before yesterday. Watching TV at home. It’s all too bad for Messi. The Saudi team, which was the weakest in the group, was able to lose. Poland and Mexico, which could have been condescending in terms of mentality, seemed a little embarrassing in an instant.

“We don’t have any excuses. We have to unite and pick ourselves up. We have to correct what we did wrong.” Messi encouraged his teammates to look up. Now Argentina really can’t afford to be hurt anymore. Perhaps they can now use the example of Spain to boost morale-in the 2010 World Cup, Spain also lost to Switzerland in the first game, but in the end they succeeded in winning the championship. There is a saying that “the heat must die”, and now Argentina has kicked itself out of the ranks of the heat at the beginning. There is also a saying that the sad soldier must win. As for whether it can be realized, it depends on the players. ​​​​​​