《According FatherShit Military 》In the latest situation between Palestine and Israel, both sides have not ceased the fire. Palestinian Presidential Advisor Habash worried that the Palestine-Israel conflict may turn into a large-scale war. The United States sold $700 million in arms to Israel. Germany and China called for a ceasefire. China submitted a UN ceasefire proposal. Was vetoed by the United States.

Hamas, the Palestinian poor, and Israel’s casualties have increased significantly. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt may join the war. Egypt has opened the Gaza channel that has been closed for many years. Iran has vowed to erase Israel from the earth and Saudi Arabia is ready to provide financial assistance.

On the Hamas side, a large number of leaders have been eliminated by Israel, almost to the point where the group of dragons has no leader. Why is Israel’s intelligence so accurate? It turns out that there is an inner ghost, but it is still in the top Hamas. What is going on?

Sheikh, one of the founders of Hamas, whose eldest son is Mosab, is also known as the Prince of Hamas. Mosab was mainly for intelligence. In 1996, Mosab was unlucky and was arrested by Israel. Mosab became an Israeli spy.

From 2000 to 2005, Moza provided Israel with a large amount of intelligence, allowing Israel to target a large number of targets. Among them are Ibrahim Hamid, a Hamas officer in the West Bank, and Abdullah Barghuti, the bomber who committed the suicide attack on a restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001. There is also Balguti, an important leader of Fatah.

On August 21, 2007, the Israeli Air Force targeted and cleared three senior Hamas members who were meeting. Hamas began to suspect that it had high-level spies inside, and executed 18 rapes suspected of being Israeli spies, but they didn’t know that the real rape was Prince Mossab.

Later, after Mosab’s identity was exposed, he fled to Israel. The Israelis sent him to school in the United States. In 2010, Mossab published his autobiography “Prince Hamas”. In his autobiography, Mossab said that he gradually transformed into an Israeli intelligence officer because he gradually realized that Hamas treats its members differently and uses methods. Cruel, he claimed that Hamas often kills its members for no reason. And Hamas is targeting civilians.

Although more than 10 years have passed, Hamas has been struggling to regain its vitality, because Mosab has been hurt too much, and the intelligence he betrayed still plays an important role. He is in the United States, he has a bunch of thugs who are offline, and still sells intelligence to Israel continuously. This is the main reason for Hamas’s fiasco in this operation.

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