According to a report by Taiwan’s “China Times”, a derailment accident occurred on the Taiwan Railways on the 2nd. A “Taroko” No. 408 train passed Chongde and Hepingjian. An accident occurred in the Daqingshui Tunnel in Hualien. There were about 350 passengers on the train, many of whom had no signs of life.

According to the report, preliminary information showed that an engineering vehicle that was working on a slope slipped down due to unknown reasons and hit the “Taroko” which was about to enter the tunnel.

After the accident, Taiwan’s “Minister of Transportation” Lin Jialong instructed Qi Wenzhong, acting director of the Taiwan Railway Administration, to set up a forward command post. Qi Wenzhong is now rushing to the scene.

According to the Hualien County Fire Department’s report at 10:20, the train has 8 carriages with about 350 passengers. About 60 people have been evacuated from carriages 1 to 3, and many people in 4 to 5 carriages are deformed and rescued. Signs.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the location of the accident was 115 kilometers away from Xiulin Township Line 9 and the “Daqingshui Tunnel” on the North Loop Line of Taiwan Railways was to the south. Taroko 408 (from Shulin to Taitung) derailed at the Daqingshui Tunnel, causing the vehicle to hit the tunnel wall and deform 4 to 5 carriages.

Fire 119 accepted the report at 9:35 and arrived at the scene at 9:58 for injury inspection. The Hualien County Fire Department dispatched 12 vehicles and 35 people, under the command of the rookie team leader Wen, and the team leader Zhu Zhemin rushed to the scene.

According to the Hualien Fire Fighting 119 report, the accident site was in the Daqingshui Tunnel. There were many sections of tilt and personnel trapped at the scene. The on-site firefighters reported by radio that 4 or 5 carriages needed sabotage equipment support. One person was known to have OHCA (cardiopulmonary function stopped before the hospital) and two people were injured.

According to the Taiwan Railway Administration, the site of the accident was on the Dongzheng Line, and the Xizheng Line tunnel can still operate normally. Currently, a single-track two-way operation is adopted. 408 times (from the forest to Taitung, Taroko) 09:28 derailment accident at Chongde = Herenjian East Line (k51+250), the second and third cars derailed, and the 3~8 cars were in the tunnel. A first-level response team has been set up and investigated by the Department of Transportation and Safety.