England football star Gary Lineker criticized the British government’s policy of intercepting refugees on Twitter. After being suspended by the BBC, the disturbance became more and more serious. Many BBC program hosts collectively boycotted the video to show their support for Lineker, and many programs were suspended. BBC director Tim Davie softened his attitude on March 11, hoping that Linica would return to host. The celebrity went to the Leicester City King Power Stadium to watch the game with a smile on his face and was welcomed by the fans.

David admitted on the evening of March 11 that he had a difficult day, and pointed out that success for him at present is to get Lin Nega to start hosting again. Together, we provide the audience with world-class sports coverage. can provide.

He also praised Linnega as an outstanding host, Linnega is an excellent radio host, he is the best in the industry.

On the 11th, Leniga appeared at the King Power Stadium of Leicester City, and entered to support his mother against Chelus. When he entered the field with a smile on his face, he was welcomed by the fans of Leicester City.

The incident began when the British government proposed legislation that would allow authorities to detain migrants arriving in small boats and return them to their home country or a third country within weeks. Linnega left a message on Twitter, criticizing the policy as cruel, similar to Germany in the 1930s, and many politicians from the ruling Conservative Party criticized Linnega’s remarks.

The BBC issued a statement on the 10th stating that after discussing with Linica and his team, it was decided that he would not host the ace football program Match of the Day, MOTD until the two sides reached an agreement and had a clear position on Linica’s use of social media until.

This incident caused dissatisfaction within the BBC. Linica’s partner, Arsenal star Ian Wright and Newcastle’s Alan Shearer decided not to participate in the BBC program on the same day to express their support for Linica.

As of the 11th, Alex Scott, the host of another BBC sports program Football Focus, also decided to go on strike and will not host the show for the time being. After that, Kelly Somers, the replacement candidate, also joined the boycott ranks. As a result, Football Focus will be suspended on the 11th. In addition, the TV show Final Score and the radio show Fighting Talk were also suspended. Match of the Day will cut back on the show.